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Chiffon lace is made of chiffon fabric, it needs to cut the chiffon fabric into pieces then make it as a lace trim according to the designed process by computer. The cutting ways of chiffon fabric are hot and cold cutting, chiffon lace that used the hot cutting won't be scattered hair after washing, according to this the hot cutting always to be used. Chiffon lace always used on clothing, chiffon lace have the stereo sense very strong, so it's very popular with the fashion designer, have wide use in clothing. But the chief drawback of the chiffon lace, when do the lace on the clothes, don't wash the clothes by machine, the beat way is washing by hand.
Because the fabric Jingwei Lichtung, are particularly prone ventilation, coupled with the reduction of processing dyed fabrics feel adequate and particularly soft, fashionable women to pursue fashion fabrics. Chiffon lace soft, Qingbotouming, feel smooth and elastic, the appearance of light in relaxation, with the amount of good permeability and drape, with a strong sense of comfort in the clothing, very elegant; the elegant smooth transparent characteristics, chiffon lace dress can bring unparalleled wonderful effect, romantic flavor. Loaded into the upper body, not only charming and elegance Chen Yi, wearing feel more relaxed, but also adding to the joy and beauty of blooming. Whether it is a large exposed skin and sexy cut or intellectual cool minimalist style, do not bother with, always make a woman added a hundred pro and offer all kinds of amorous feelings.
1. Do not be long beaded dress hanging in the closet, otherwise soft loose chiffon will sag deformation.
2. Be careful not to water. If the local wet, simply soak washing, ironing the final stretch to avoid shrinkage. Drip dry naturally after washing do not wring.
3. Heavy decorative chiffon best flat in the closet, this is not easily deformed.
4. Through a chiffon dress can not be placed in plastic pocket, preferably in your pocket fabric, breathable and will not collect dust.
5. If you get a red wine or oil at the banquet, there are two tricks.
Method one: first with paper towels absorb it, then find soybean meal or flour, dry surface of the water, and then gently blown powder stains naturally being sucked away.
Method Two: Wipe the stain with soda water is more effective.

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