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Cotton lace
Based on the material of lace, we called it as cotton lace. The raw material of cotton lace is cotton, and this is very natural, with softer handfeel, and it is comfortable to our skin. This cotton lace is very popular, so designer will use the cotton lace as their major design, nearly half design will use the cotton lace. So, we want to point out this points.
Cotton lace which was very demanding, depending on the machine, can be divided into disc machine making lace, embroidery Schiffli machine lace, soluble lace Schiffli machine. Depending on the process, can be divided into handmade cotton lace, Limited Edition mechanisms cotton lace, cotton lace computer version of the mechanism. According to the specifications of lace, cotton lace can be divided into narrow, wide-brimmed cotton lace, cotton lace whole. Depending on the model there is cotton knit cotton side, cotton cloth edge, soluble cotton side, cotton warp side, fringed cotton side, and part of the manual production of handmade cotton edges.
Of course, after all be dyed cotton lace, stain can also prevent shrinking, so we would not worry too much shrunk cotton lace deformed. In the industry, often making lace disc machine will default to cotton lace. Because disc machine is mainly used in the preparation of the material is cotton lace materials, and this lace when originally launched in South Korea and Japan are very popular. However, in addition to cotton Schiffli machine lace material, but also widely used polyester, rayon, silk, and other milk. And he used the base fabric is also divided into many categories, such as: hexagonal cloth, diamond mesh, T / C cloth. So the industry default lace cotton lace or disc machine establishment.
Cotton lace is one of our major productions, our company is very good at developing cotton lace, You are much appreciated to send your inquries, sketch or photo for us to make sample with free of charge.

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