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Elastic lace
As normal the elastic lace is used for the ornamental of waist, to cultivate girl's moral character. The elastic lace also can be used on the sleeve hem. The material of elastic lace is nylon+spandex. The extensibility of spandex andnylon can be well reflected the character of elastic lace.
The elastic lace is a normal kind of lace stockings. People would like to use the elastic lace as the design, because that can add the extensibility of lace stockings. Because of the elastic lace has the good extensibility, so the lace stockings will be suit for all women with different bodily form.
At present, some sequin lace used the elastic lace as the basis, the extensibility of elastic lace can help the sequin lace to be with the good extensibility. At some big evening party, the compere likes to wear the clothes which has the elastic lace.
Elastic lace

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