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Eyelash lace
Eyelash lace is a very special, the eyelash on both side just like the eye of people,So we called it as eyelash lace.
The technology of making eyelash lace is based on the warp knitting weaving way.The mainly material of eyelash lace is nylon or nylon+spandex, with this material, the 3D effect of eyelash eye will be better. And the eyelash lace pattern is very clean, also it is convenient to wash the eyelash lace.
The biggest difference with the traditional process that lace weaving process, in order to achieve eyelash lace effect, it is necessary to use a comb or a flower comb bottom section in excess lace strips to form chain stitch, knitting practice from a few millimeters to a few centimeters in length all OK, cut after the realization of the "eyelash" effect. And traditional lace weaving difference is that, to achieve eyelash lace knitting methods adopted in the preparation of the transverse process, it is because of this special weave that makes lace with the "eyelashes" special effects. On weaving, knitting is actually a conventional manner rotated by 90 degrees.

Eyelash lace
Due to the lateral eyelash lace knitting, fabric width is not restricted, narrow strip of lace can be done from a few centimeters to several meters long lace fabric. Eyelash lace produced at the right time are wide, the width is about 150CM, then follow the eyelash lace flower opening and cut into strips we need. In addition to the use of conventional underwear on, can also be used in the fashion eyelash lace collar, cuffs, hem, placket and other locations, can fully reflect the eyelash lace, eyelash movement.
Our company has prepared more than one hundred of eyelash lace in stock,and we are now developing new pattern of eyelash lace.
You are much appreciated to send your inquries, sketch or photo for us to make sample.

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