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Organza lace
Organza lace mesh lace is one, at the end of cloth used is transparent thin mesh, mainly used in the clothing, the clothing is made transparent, more coverage in satin or silk above. Unlike elegant lace blurred, but also from soft flowing chiffon, organza unique charm lies in its light-clear appearance and hearty three-dimensional forms. Its "close" organdy although its very similar, but they use different preparation processes. Glass yarn mainly from light sheen yarn, and organza materials are nylon and polyester filament mother, by adding bombs, false twist, sub-wire multi-channel program is completed. With respect to the smooth texture of glass yarn, organza feel more delicate and easy to shape, and this is an important reason for the French organza wedding dress design preference.
Ordinary organza ingredients are: organza 100% poly, 100% nylon and polyester and nylon, polyester and rayon, nylon and rayon interleaving. Plain, transparent, stained bright colors, light texture, similar to silk product phase, organza hard, as a synthetic lining, fabric, not only for the production of the wedding, but also for making curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments , all kinds of jewelry bags, also can be used for ribbons. By post-processing such as: crushed, flocking, bronzing, coating, etc., style more suitable for a wider range.
How to wash organza fabric :
Synthetic organza hand wash with water, really Siou organza hand wash best, use special silk detergent or neutral soap, first hand before being placed in the laundry detergent in the water after the mix; water temperature is not too high, clothes in soaked in water for no more than 15 minutes; gentle hand scrub, remember not to move vigorously rub; rinse after washing with water can be repeated. Alternatively dry cleaners dry cleaning.
Organza lace
1. due to the special material, organza fabric color is easier, not easy to fade, so now common on the textile market organza fabric color is colorful.
2. In addition, the organza fabric material is transparent and relatively tough, but also create a vivid perspective effects and three-dimensional beauty. Therefore, textile and garment production companies often increase ingenious hollow and beautifully embroidered pattern on the original basis organza fabric, and further highlights this fabric sweet romantic fantasy.
rather hard, do not suit jacket, if it is artificial to note is working fine, otherwise it would be more rough, and scratchy, certainly can not stand to wear one day. Expensive, silk clothes to compare careful maintenance. But rayon organza cheaper price.

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