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Sequin lace
Sequin lace is one of the most kind lace we appear in life, and variety. Widely used in the dress, shoes, hair and other materials, so manufacturers will now computerized embroidery embroidery on the dress a little beads for decoration purposes. This lace is a new kind of popular lace, making simple, low cost, basically the use of machinery can achieve the effect of handmade, many companies will produce lace. Simply put sequins or bright beads, according to the textile embroidery pattern on it. Some party clothes, a large quantity of using this lace design, increasing a sense of bright clothing. A large number of designers who will use this lace design, market potential of this great lace. Sequin lace, also known as sequins lace, bright beads lace. Choose beads with a transparent film, heat beads and other varieties.
Sequin lace changing fashion "look and feel", beads can give people a sense of flashing, beads not only prevalent in Eastern countries, but also to the rest throughout Central Asia, West Asia and North Africa. Sequin specifications of each country are different, bright color, reflecting among countries higher level of technology. Flashing stitching beads and a single tone, a somewhat layered clothing, luxury time and does not seem too much publicity. Lace and beads appear in the form of a small amount of clothing at the collar, play a finishing touch, avoiding the single vulgar feeling on a single garment, it is a small amount of grace and refined lace.
Sequin lace
Decorative beads, combined with silk satin clothing perfect match, suddenly give a sense of luxury clothing showing different gloss. Many beads covered in lace fabric, would not feel "crowded" and from different angles so that you do not see the same shiny effect. Innovation is not just a design, it is a breakthrough on a visual effect. Small beads not only do not give the feeling of a messy old, but also fresh and vibrant feel.
Yellow and red beads and more people feel a sense of dignity. Sequin costume design is not the only market. Black sequin dress lace design is the preferred design banquet. Simple black dress, sequin lace on endlessly into the margins of the design, beads show flickering effect, coupled with light irradiation from a different angle. Depending beads show viewers a different light, so simple black costume exhibit feeling different from the past.

The craft has a drawbacks is easy to fall off, if the line of fabric sewn flexible enough, then, after several cleaning, sequins will fall off. And sequins over cleaning, will lose color richness.

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